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Marketing industry-specific AI seminars, done-with-you, and done-for-you AI Marketing Strategy and Integration for agencies, brands, marketing teams, and growing businesses.

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  • Need help connecting AI with your marketing-specific goals?
  • Develop the skills, talent, and insights needed to have AI accelerate your marketing and creative
  • Avoid wasting money on tools you no longer need
  • Lean on a team of experienced, marketing-focused AI experts
  • Keep up with the latest AI strategies, developments, and tools that will positively impact your bottom line

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Accelerate and transform your marketing & creative with our expert training, oversight, and support

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Understand the AI-powered upgrades awaiting you

Discover the transformative potential AI can have in your marketing practices and goals. Our marketing-native AI experts will guide you through the revolutionary upgrades that await your business.

Build an AI foundation that drives marketing results

Our team of expert marketers will help you develop a tailored AI framework that aligns with your existing marketing strategies and helps you drive towards new, improved tangible results.

Count on a marketing-first focused team of AI experts

Our team has served in senior marketing roles across agency, brand, SaaS, and enterprises, which means our focus is always centered on identifying strategies (like AI) which can amplify your marketing impact.

Grow your capabilities and talents

Our comprehensive AI workshops and programs will equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage AI effectively and elevate your marketing performance.

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AI Training & Support that Helps Grow Your Business

Our AI Packages

AI Training: Do-it-yourself Jumpstart

// silver level

Our Jumpstart training program quickly sets your team up for success utilizing generative AI to build a more efficient and effective marketing strategy. This program includes:

• An initial one-hour consulting session with your Head of Marketing to discuss and review your generative AI goals.

• Choose from one of our 90-minute web-based team training sessions (Brand-focus, Content-focus, Research-focus, Growth Marketing focus) — up to 20 participants.

• A one-hour follow-up call to troubleshoot your team’s early forays into generative AI.

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AI Training and Strategic Planning: Done With You Launch

// gold level

Our personalized AI training and strategic planning program takes things a step further and offers you proven guidance as your team embarks on transforming your marketing strategy and execution with the help of generative AI. This program includes:

• A one-hour consulting session with your Head of Marketing to discuss and review your generative AI goals.

• A two-hour personalized training session for your team based on the goals identified by your Head of Marketing.

• A strategic plan detailing your first series of prompts for tools such as GPT-4, MidJourney and Code Interpreter and change management for your marketing team.

• A 1-hour review session to discuss results from your generative AI efforts.

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Fractional Marketing and AI Support: Done for You Monthly Planning and Execution

// platinum level

Our fractional marketing and AI support program offers ongoing marketing support for busy marketers who want to immediately reap the benefits of generative AI while relying on our team of generative AI experts. This program is completely customizable based on your goals and will be custom-quoted based on your needs.

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