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Our Role

Brand Strategy & Messaging, UX Strategy,
Web Design, Digital Marketing


Globalization has brought us a world where one can expect that their team members & partners are coming from all corners of the globe, which includes seeking to communicate amongst an abundance of different languages, dialects, and accents. KUDO is a unique SaaS platform that has built a series of solutions that enable people to go beyond passive or even confused participation in conference calls and chats — moving into territory where we actually understand one another, including deciphering the context of what another is sharing in real-time conversations that feel like you’re speaking with someone across the street.

The Challenge

If your team is distributed, with one group speaking Mandarin, another speaking English, and yet another set of team members only familiar with their native Spanish, French, Russian, fill-in-the-blank, how are you really to get to the point of understanding one another. And beyond that, if your work requires these types of partnerships, how will you grow into a more cohesive team with a shared culture and understanding of one another? Through the use of a team of world-class interpreters, and thoughtful application of AI based global language learning, KUDO has developed a platform that helps you understand one another in real time, so that your work and your life can be truly global and collaborative at the same time.


Our Approach

Understanding what a technology platform can achieve, and what makes it different is at the core of our positioning and messaging work. After all, you really need to identify the “secret sauce”, and research your intended audience before setting out to craft a narrative which can authentically share how your solution improves prospects and customers lives and work.

The Solution

Partnership with the senior marketing and product teams helped us identify and amplify how KUDO’s platform had the transformative capacity enabling global participants from just nodding, grinning and checking another meeting off their list, to entering into a communications environment where co-workers, teams and partners could truly understand one another.

With our initial research and messaging work complete, we then planned the UX and content strategy that amplified

how KUDO’s platform uniquely supports the goals of their different audience segments (including internal corporate meetings, conference goers, corporate training, and global events).

We then designed and helped develop a new website reflecting how KUDO’s solutions (including its seamless integrations with leading platforms like Zoom, and Microsoft Teams), and access to their robust network of experienced global interpreters helps support the work lives of the professional global community.

“I’m very happy with the marketing foundation that we’ve built together”

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J. Washington

Content Marketing, KUDO

The Results

Recognized as one of Time Magazine’s best inventions, KUDO has since grown to support live interpretation of over 200 languages, and successful platform integrations, including Zoom, Hopin, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Teams.

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