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Mrs. Fields Cookies

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Debbi Fields opened her first store in Palo Alto, California in 1977 and the Mrs. Fields name quickly became associated with warm, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. Today, Mrs. Fields enjoys the highest aided brand awareness in the industry and sells products at over 300 retail locations globally and online.

The Challenge

While the scent of Mrs. Fields freshly baked cookies was familiar to mall goers, the brand had never embarked on a national broadcast advertising campaign which needed to connect with both customers used to visiting their stores, as well as those who were considering a gift purchase from their eCommerce platform.

The Solution

We worked with Mrs. Fields to identify a narrative true to their brand’s roots: Debbi Fields, and her love of making things for others.

With our spots and media campaign in the wings, we helped extend our maker narrative to the brand’s social platforms, offering a blend of video and posts which celebrated the origin story of Mrs. Fields, and by extension, the caring and warmth of the maker spirit.

Finally, in support of a strategic, concentrated seasonal e-commerce promotional drive, we designed and developed an HTML-5 compliant display campaign promoting the brand’s special daily deals.

“We’ve since worked on five new commercials together”

KSchmidt Testimonial Image

K. Schmidt

Marketing, Mrs. Fields

The Results

The new broadcast and integrated social campaigns successfully amplified seasonal ecommerce gift orders, increased foot traffic to Mrs. Fields stores, and improved brand awareness.

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